is named after Amber Horizons (47), a virtual neighborhood of (decidedly) real people that was founded as part of the ongoing participation in the worlds of Myst Online. After two different shutdowns and various coexistent fan-run iterations, Myst Online: Uru Live and the Cavern of D'ni have once again been made available to the public in a free, sanctioned form, pending an ambitious plan to make the game open source and introduce player-created content. (You can find details on this and the link that will get you started playing HERE.) We maintain a "Hood" within that public version, which can be visited by selecting “Amber Horizons' Hood” in the “Public Links” section on the Nexus. 

We do not hold any regularly scheduled events in the Cavern at this time.

If you're looking to contact us within the Cavern, please send KI-mail to Amber Horizons (#2244) or Ace (#2663).

If you're looking to contact us outside the Cavern, or see what we're up to in general, the easiest way is to visit our forum site at; while it has been experiencing some technical challenges following a recent server upgrade, it remains public, and does not require a member account to review. You can also e-mail ace (-at-)

We also maintain a Facebook group, and a group designation in Second Life, details of which are available via search in those mediums, or by contacting Julianus Nightfire.